Chapter 15 - Bits Conference

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15. Bits Conference


bak in the lux box

where cool cat HQ ops

on d regz brought the red hots,

big data was off the charts ~


bits & coins bopped.

candles & stonks flopped.

wassies had bust the cloud

which crash’d across the market.

fear, uncertainty, doubt,

showed in the flow chart.

the bits value had bonk’d.


cat flipped the power switch,

all the screens turned nfty scenic

as cat hopped up on table & said:

“bits conference, in session,”


cool cats followed suit / jumped up,

& using CPU stacks as desks, got to doing calculation . .

“how do we fix?” asked cat.

while equationing proceeded,

argument passed forth & back on the state of the market ~

“it bera!” cried half.

“it bula!” said the other.

pandemonium broke out

in the lux office box

once more.


exclaimed cat, with raised arms.

once room quiet’d, cat went on

“bits may be down,

but cat is not panic’d.”


“wat happened?” asked kitty.

cat pulled down the map.

took pointer-stick

& via NFT & illustrated ~

  • wassie bus hit fusebox,

  • actually a stealth 51%+ mining plant.

  • delay in mining / processing happened.

  • PoW downage caused FUD

  • bits was mass sold,

  • even more than big smol sell-off.


“simultaneously,” continued cat,

“wassie’s ..

somehow ..

made headway 2 cloud.

“wait, wat?


“wassie in cloud?” he asked, “No possible.”

“yet happened . .”

“remains mystery ..”

“but!” said cat, “We have spy w sighting.”

all looked to kilgore, who’d been undercover @ McD’s

“what you see?” ask’d cat.

kilgore shrugged.

“now a vape acct,

alpha vape . . king tier puffs

(on god tier cusp . .)

8.9 / 10.

threats specifically?


do minions warrant deadly?

questionable . .

but smolting dangerous.

how dangerous exactly?

well single handedly ~

  • escaped McDs

  • & broke Cloud Coin

  • in one hour.”

the room was silent.

“sound fooo will have to hero up,”

said fooo,

“create wealth to fix cloud,

maybe make NFTs of fooo’s waifus

& watch value moon.”

then chad stood on computer.

“who need waifu?” said chad, “chad will be hero.”

another chad stood up.

“there can be only one chad.” he said, “you like a chip on chad shoulder.”

“fuck you,” said chad,

“no,” said chad, “fuck you!”

the chads were preparing to go head-to-head

as cool cats split into two sides

as on the verge of fight,

cat raised paws.

ct came back together.

“heros will not be enough.”


right then,

cat unzipped a seam

of yellow pika hazmat

& revealed the bone-deep cut from chapter 4.

muffled hushes hushed

  • “cat got scratch’d”

  • “cat never get scratch’d”

  • “cat never touch’d - cat so nimbly quick w samurai handspring & all”

  • “how did a smol do dat damage?

  • “o mi o my so way real bad woah yeah”

“D enemy is worse . ..”

said cat.

silence all around.

cat zipped the zip up.

pointed pointed to map.

“d smolting ..” said cat, “is a whale ..

  • “wat?”

  • “but”

  • “that can’t be . .”

  • “how d fak a smol a whale D:< ?”

  • “tink baby whale, like beluga.”

  • “actuly, beluga half whale, half dolphin.

  • “excuse me, but wat d fuk u know about fish of d sea?”

cat raised arms to silence room once more.

“having sold d top,

d smol caught windfall of bank.

sources suggest d smol bought the dip with his new fat stack of fund.

& that not all . .”

cat returned to the board, flipped a switch on nft projector.

“cat hav reason to believe smol, somehow a wassie samurai . .”

  • “wat?”

  • “w a t?”

  • wat?

  • “o no.”

  • “mos formeedable enemy ever?”

  • “wat will we do?”

“we’ll have to fight,” said one holding a compass.

“what happened to degen spartacus?” asked a punk at a NFT HDTV

when no comments were ventured ~

“we’ll have to work together,”

said bunny rabbit,

“i say we split / work our way in from the inside . .”

the bunny rabbit turned to one the monitors,

reached in & climbed.

while cool cats exchanged curious about where bunny was going,

cat said:

“bunny may be right. but together or apart

each one of us, hodl our own way . . .

make plan to keep . .

even when bits recover value,

wassie will prove a worthy contender . .”

nods passed.

“my question is if bits is bust,

how elmo gonna make dough

to buy machine gun & kill smol?”


cat nodded / the point valid.


“before we kill smol,

we’ll have to discover

new ways to crypto.”




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